Tower of Terror 10-Miler runDisney

Happy Monday!

This week is the week! Mark and I will be heading down to Disney World this Friday to participate in the Tower of Terror 10-Miler! Because the race is less than 7 days away, I figured this would be a good week to tell you all what I carry with me during my runs.

Here are my must haves:

1. Lip Balm– I use a Vaseline brand because it keeps my lips moist longer. While running, people start breathing through their mouths, which tends to dry out not only your tongue, but lips as well. Use some lip balm as a preventative measure.

2. Bandaid anti-chafe stick– I always carry one of these little sticks on me. Usually the people I run with begin to feel the effects of chaffing around mile 5 or so. The worst place to feel chaffing is between your thighs. My thighs haven’t been friends for about a year, but I carry this stick just in case.

3. Wal-Mart inexpensive sweatshirt and sweatpants– Before the race starts, you’ll be standing around in your corral, waiting for the race to start. Since all these races start either really late at night or early in the morning, it can be a bit nippy, especially during the winter months. Get something really inexpensive that you won’t mind ditching. Everything that is ditched on the course, Disney collects and donates to shelters. So you get something to keep you temporarily warm, and it gets recycled for someone else to keep warm. A win win in my book. 🙂

4. Blister bandages- These are usually provided at the first aid stations, but since they are spaced out pretty far, I carry a few on me in case I need one when the station isn’t near by.

5. CAMERA!!- Or camera phone. Bring your phone if you can carry it, plus you can use it to find your family at the end of the race. But you will want to be taking photos, I guarantee it. 😉

Before the race, there are also a few things I take care of so that I can be fully prepared for the long trek. Here are some of the things I do to prepare the week before:

1. Hair cut!!!– Every week before the race I get my lovely locks trimmed a few inches. There is nothing I hate more than my hair sticking to my sweaty back. It drives me wild, so I trim it a few inches. Plus, then your hair looks neat for all the photos you will be taking.

2. Toe Nails done- This is my extremely girly moment, but I always get my toe nails done. But I have good cause to do so! Guys can even get this done (if you are comfortable with yourself, trust me a little massage on your run ready calves and a professional cutting your nails is nice). When your toe nails get too long, they will press against the top of your running shoe. More often than not, your toe nails will crack, break, and look all around terrible. If you are going on vacation, this is a nice little pamper thing you can do to prepare for your vacation and prevent injury to your feet.

3. Eat your carbs before the race- EVERYONE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS! So, you need to eat your carbs before a race. But here’s the question: when should you do it? Well, if you are running first thing in the morning, like the Disneyland Half Marathon was, then you need to be eating your carbs around lunch the day before. Don’t eat it for breakfast (eat peanut butter and and power foods instead) or for dinner the night before. Since carbs are usually complex, it takes a while to digest. If you don’t give yourself enough time to digest, you’ll regret it during your run. If you are running at night, like the Tower of Terror 10-Miler, then you should be eating your carbs at breakfast. The meal before the run should be light, like a salad and fruit.

After your run, you should eat regenerative foods, like cheese, chicken, and bananas (I would love to partake in the last one, but I am allergic. So I take a potassium supplement and eat hummus.)

Hope some of this helps all you runners out there!

Have a magical week!



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