Almost 3 months later…

First off, I apologize for my extended absence. I know a lot of people follow this blog and I failed you. My best excuse is that Mark and I are temporarily stationed in Mississippi and the hotel on base has…sub par internet connection. A lot of other life changing things has happened, such as Mark and I getting placed in a HOUSE on base at the next station. We got a house!!!! So exciting for us.

A quick recap: Mom and I did that Disneyland Half Marathon! We did it in 3 hours and 20 minutes due to humidity that my mother was having some breathing trouble with, so we took it slow. The amount of fun we had was incomparable though. I even saw some people I know, including my old classmate Suzy, a follower of this blog.


Below (I know they aren’t really in order) are some of the photos from the Disneyland Half Marathon. My mom ran as The Evil Queen from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” and I ran as Maleficent, from the movie namesake and my favorite Disney film, “Sleeping Beauty.”

Some of the photos are from our hotel room, waiting for the race to start (note the sheer size of the crowd!), from the track such as the castle, World of Color, and Angels Stadium, and icing at the end of the race. We overall had a blast!


10556426_10204537601179966_5398476728767117260_n 10616015_10204537602019987_4081924216294589023_n 10603370_10204544347468619_5080568739097498912_n 10540860_10204544348708650_8318544549768061627_n 10616349_10204544349148661_8849822072266976482_n 12520_10204545435375816_9059395632942322691_n 10527663_10204545435695824_7896863003983867930_n 16699_10204545436815852_4897593797522825703_n 10646921_10204545437135860_7070016961890511681_n 10606579_10204545438135885_5063861978716804305_n 10646696_10204545438615897_7063833504761143438_n 10660211_10204548539613420_3163181771430703673_n 10565001_10204548540053431_4633787829057332072_n 10270491_10204548540333438_6154146376354226000_n


In a few short weeks, my sweetie and I will be heading down to Walt Disney World to run in the Tower of Terror 10-Miler. Unfortunately, Mark hurt himself a month and a half ago and couldn’t walk on his ankle for a few weeks. Thanks to the “WONDERFUL” military hospitals, he still has yet to be scheduled for physical therapy.

So, we have been doing it on our own, a little at a time. He is finally up and moving around and plays volleyball for two hours a week with his friends. His ankle still gets stiff and pained, but he goes and runs with me, pushing himself a little farther each time. So far we’re doing about 5 miles an hour, so we’re hoping to maybe be just under two hours.

We are still deciding what to run as, but we’re both committed to running in some well constructed costumes.

After this race, come January my family and I (mother, brother, and myself) will be participating in the Star Wars Half Marathon in Disneyland. Sign up for email updates, because it will be hard for me to post regularly until we reach our next base and set up our own internet.


Thanks for all your support!

Have a Magical Week!




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