Running Costumes

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Happy Monday Magic Milers!


Today I want to take a step back from training, eating right, and talking about injuries you can or might expect.

I wanna talk about the FUN part of runDisney events! The costumes*!

(*yes, Kati is aware that the costumes aren’t the ONLY fun thing about runDisney, but you have to admit it builds up the excitement to the event like a child’s first time to Disneyland and planning what they are going to wear…)

When you participate in a runDisney event, understand that it’s probably one of your only chances to dress up during a run and no one will think you’re weird. In fact, most people will either try to guess what you are (like the kind employee in my first run who thought I was Tinkerbell instead of Merida, but in all fairness I didn’t do that great of a job), or congratulate you or say “wow, your costume is really good! I like (insert character name here).” (Much like my Wendy Darling costume this past run).

Now, you must be wondering: “How on EARTH do I pick a character from Disney’s ever growing list of characters!?”

The answer is simple (kind of): You must ask yourself some questions.

1. What run are you participating in? The Princess? Star Wars? The Tinkerbell? Knowing the theme of the run can help you narrow down your choices so you can stick to the overall theme.*

*Note: Not EVERYONE sticks to the theme. But for a first time runner, it might be easier. But if your heart is set on one character, please do not let me stand in your way. 😉 Follow your dreams.

2. Now you know what race you are running in, think about the theme, or in some instances, the movie. Who is your favorite character?

Don’t worry if you don’t have the right hair color, eye color, skin color, etc. Be the character YOU want to be. The wonderful thing about runDisney is that everyone is accepted here, all ages, all colors, all running levels. Everyone is cheerful and excited for a wonderful experience.

My tip when it comes to running costumes: Don’t wait until the last minute. Work on it over a month or two. Find the perfect pieces. Make sure to keep it light and don’t weigh yourself down with random objects. This is a run after all.

One of my favorite stores for skirts is They are a little pricey, but they are made of good materials, have Disney specific designed skirts with running shorts attached, and have hidden pockets to hold things such as keys, or maybe some potential first aid supplies.  Luckily, this particular company is at every Expo before the races. So if you want to try one on before committing, you can. 🙂

In the Tinkerbell Half, I had gotten a Sparkle Light Basic, which is not carried at the Expo store (I’m at least pretty sure it isn’t since it wasn’t the last time I was there). Because my belly was showing (forgot my undershirt at home) the skirt rode up and scratched at my stomach. It’s itchy, but with the right shirt on, it should be fine. Otherwise, I barely even noticed the skirt was there (with this type of skirt, you need to buy running shorts or bike shorts to go under, just be warned).

I hope this helps clear things up for you! Now I’m off to work on my Disneyland Half Marathon costume! My mother and I have decided to go as Maleficent and the Evil Queen. >:D

Have a great week!



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