Running and Your Knees

Happy Monday Magic Milers!

This week I would like to talk about running and your knees.

A few years ago, I used to play on the Varsity Tennis team at my high school. We used to do this warm up routine fondly known as “stadiums” which means you run up and down the stairs of the football stadium. Out of all the warm ups we used to do, these were my least favorite because I was always scared I would fall down them.

Then the day finally arrived when my knee buckled under me and I did fall. Luckily I caught myself and was able to stop myself from falling down the rest of the staircase. After that happened I had to wear a knee brace. Over the next few years, when I began to really put on the weight, my knees would swell and become painful if I was on them for extended periods of times (such as walking around Disneyland all day).

To prevent running injuries to your knees, I suggest wearing some sort of brace on your knees. Or better yet, run at slight inclines on treadmills (1.0). Running at a slight incline takes the pressure off of your knees and gives them a chance to build up endurance and strength.

Make sure, if your knees are hurting, to slow your pace or even stop to give them a break. You have to literally build up their strength with intervals, so do not give up on them. If you are feeling pain, ice them immediately after your workout and eat protein. If you ice it, the swelling will be reduced and the protein will rebuild and connect the muscle fibers that were torn during your workout and will build them back stronger.

Hope this helps and have a magical week!



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