Marathon Training via Pinterest!



Just kidding, it’s been a weird day. So I began to realize, while laying in my bed and pinning on my phone into the late hours of the night, that I should link you lovely folks to this WONDERFUL “new” and magical place known as Pinterest (note: if you could see the sarcastic facial expression I’m sporting, you would probably burst into laughter tears).

I started pinning two years ago and have a plethora of boards and pins. My pride and joy is my “Marathon Prep” board, which is where I post food suggestions, yoga stretches (or…you know…normal stretches for normal people), and different training schedules that I want to try in the off season (I’m currently in the OFF off season…which means I’m being lazy this week and really need to get my butt to the gym). 

My mother pins into that board as well, so you will also see lots of running costume ideas for RunDisney events. We’re kind of pin hoarders, so you’ll find lots of fun and interesting information in those dusty old catacombs that have been expanding for quite some time. Eventually I will begin to link food items, stretches, and other things I locate that I have tested, and do in fact WORK, here. So make sure to keep your eyes open for those. 😛 

Let me be your guinea pig. If you see something you want to try but are unsure of it’s effects, shoot me an email or comment or…any of the other ways you can contact me…and I’ll test it for you and record my results for the world (yes…even if it is embarrassing).

Stay magical!




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