Disney’s Avengers Half Marathon

Going through my emails this morning, I noticed one from my mother (if you know both of us, you will know this is actually rather odd). She sent me a link to the NEWEST ANNOUNCED RUNDISNEY EVENT!?!?!? Yeah, that’s basically what happened in my head. Disney has just announced the Avengers Half Marathon Weekend which will take place at the Disneyland Resort in California on Sunday, November 16th. WHAT?

Registration for the event starts March 25th, 2014. You can sign up here for the email notification for when registration starts.

For more information on the event, just click here.

The weekend will also host the usual RunDisney Kids run, a Pasta in the Park Party, the Expo, and the Avenger’s Super Heroes 5k.

Something tells me my boyfriend, mother, and I will be participating. I can see it now…Mark will be the Captain, mom will be…probably Wonder Woman, knowing her, and I will be…the Hulk. IT IS DECIDED! XD


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