There are  lot of ideas out there related to where you should start first. But here’s the truth:

Step one is beating yourself.

When I first started exercising and preparing for my first half marathon, most of the time I ran into the issues and that little voice inside my head that told me I couldn’t take another step. I couldn’t run a mile straight; just that I couldn’t do this.

But my brain, I’m happy to say, was wrong. And so is yours.

My mom is a HUGE fan of “The Biggest Loser” tv show. Occasionally I watch it with her so I can see different workouts and how they are done (basically it’s free personal training). One of the things Jillian does almost every season is sit down with at least one participant and talks to them. She breaks them down and finds out why they started eating for comfort.

This gave me an idea. So I sat down and tried to meditate. The room was quiet and I began to reflect on myself. The mountains I have climbed, the fights I have won and lost. The emotional breakdowns I had, the times I should have cried but kept my emotions locked inside. The voice in my head was all of these emotions, weighing down my chest (it actually felt like a heavy ball just chillin in my rib cage!)

After I realized I was the one holding me back, I went to the gym and ran my heart out. I cried for…like two hours I think afterwards, but I used the pain to keep pushing. When the tears stopped, I was a new person, a happier person.

So the first step is asking yourself what is weighing you down, then use it to launch yourself forward.


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