Starting Your Training Schedule

On the RunDisney website, there are two training schedules posted. One is for “training to survive,” while the other is “training to better your time.”

If this is your first RunDisney event and you have never attempted something of this nature in your life, EVER, then please take my advice and start with the “training to survive.”

At first this training schedule is INCREDIBLY intimidating. Trust me, I know. I’m pretty sure my eyes just about popped out of my skull cartoon style when I saw how many miles they wanted me to run.

So instead, my mom and I created our own training schedule that helped us get across that finish line.

Here’s the basics of it:

Run 3 days a week, on Tuesday, Thursday, and preferably Saturday, but I now things get busy, so any time during the weekend.

I say preferably Saturday because these are your longer running days, so if you run on Saturday, your body has two days of recovery time. But I’m also a realist and understand things can’t always be this perfectly laid out. But make sure you really try to stick to THREE days a week, minimum.

The trainers at RunDisney say if you want to work on weight loss while you are training that you can certainly work out more days a week, but statistics show that it doesn’t improve your stamina any more than the minimum three days a week will do.

You can work out any time of the day (I usually went in the evenings because I wanted to get used to running at night since the Wine and Dine was during the evening hours plus it fit in better with my school schedule).

Again, IF YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT WHILE TRAINING, you should opt to wake up earlier in the day. Studies show that those who work out in the mornings burn calories the rest of the day, not to mention you would be working out before your brain is fully awake and aware of what you are doing.

Now finally, the schedule I stuck to:

Tuesdays and Thursdays: Go for half an hour.
3 minutes walking, 1 minute running. I chose to walk at 3.6 and run at 6.3 so I could keep the numbers straight in my head. Find what is comfortable for you, a pace you can stick with.

NOTE: In the beginning it will hurt. You WILL get winded. Keep pushing.

Weekend runs: Go for 1 hour.
Same pattern as the weekday runs, 3 minutes walking, 1 running. I normally work out on a treadmill in my university’s gym, but sometimes it’s nice to go running outside. I prefer the gym because it is easier to keep track of my time and speed.

NOTE: If you choose the gym, I suggest finding a treadmill with a T.V. screen so you can plug yourself in (or, if you are like me and headphones don’t fit in your ears, find a treadmill with preset subtitles on the screen). Having something for you to watch or distracted will take your mind off of what your body is doing.


Training programs vary on the run, this was what I stuck to for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon. My mother followed this program as well, and she and I both survived. But for more tips from the pros, check out the RunDisney site and see what the official trainer of RunDisney, Jeff Galloway, has to say about training for the specific race you have signed up for.


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