My Last race: Tinkerbell Half Marathon January 2014

A few short weeks ago, on my mother’s birthday, we celebrated by waking up at 3 am so I could race in the Tinkerbell Half Marathon. This was my second half marathon, and my first race I would embark on all on my own. It was scary at first, but I recently received a new pair of headphones that looped around my ear and were waterproof, so I wass able to enjoy my music the entire race.

My goal time was to be under 3 hours.

I finished in 2 hours, 40 minutes and 20 seconds.

So I reached my goal, even though I knew I could have finished it faster (I ran into a bit of a snafu around mile 6 that lasted until mile 10).

But the race was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures (I am aware they are of poor quality, but alas I am a poor college student that can barely afford these races. So I have to resort to other means to get them).

Because Wendy is an under appreciated character in this race (I only came across ONE other girl dressed as her), I decided to run as Wendy. Fun Fact: Peter Pan and Wendy recognized me right away. Another fun fact: for some reason, there was only one person in line to take their picture with them! Everyone else was stopping for Darth Vader and Tinkerbell and the Pirates.

IMG_5745 IMG_9643 IMG_1193 IMG_3147 IMG_6401


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